G2 Prepares for the Super Bowl

"Super Service" pin displayed on employee

“Super Service” pin displayed on employee

In preparation for the Super Bowl, our team in Indianapolis (IND) has taken on additional training called the “Super Service” training program.  All 111 G2 employees located at IND airport have accomplished this training and preparation work for the security screening procedures they will be performing upon the two team’s arrival and departure at IND airport.  Upon completion of the training, the Super Bowl Committee awarded our employees with a pin and certificate.  Not only do our employees Charter Screen professional

football teams at this location, but they perform other duties such as Cabin Cleaning, Janitorial work, Customer Care Agents and Bag Running.  G2 is very eager and excited for this opportunity and looking forward to taking on the busy crowds that come with such a grand event.

Employees at IND standing in front of their "Super Service" Certificates

Employees at IND standing in front of their “Super Service” Certificates