Going Above and Beyond: G.O.T. Service Program

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality customer service is not only a principle by which we operate; it is at the very core of our corporate culture. At G2, we understand that your passengers’ experience is a direct reflection of our customer service. That’s why your customers aren’t just an afterthought, they’re our first thought.

To succeed in providing both you and your customer with world-class service, all of our employees undergo rigorous training, including participation in our exclusive G.O.T. service program.

Founded on what we believe are the three fundamentals of customer service—Greet, Offer, Thank—this detailed training, focuses on the best practices of providing friendly, professional customer service to passengers while creating a positive work environment for co-workers.

  1. Greet: Our staff acknowledges your passengers by kindly greeting by name, making eye contact and using a warm, welcoming smile.
  2. Offer: We make a genuine effort to assist the passenger, putting them at ease and helping them feel comfortable and safe. We make sure each passenger knows we are available should they need any help or information.
  3. Thank: We thank passengers for their business, making them aware we value their business and constantly strive to provide them with the best service.

G2 Secure Staff

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