Leading the Way with Advanced Technology

To deliver the best results, you need to have the best technology. And when it comes to the best technology, G2 leads the way. Our advanced resource tracking solution provides us with real-time knowledge of the location of staff, as well as status of all activity and requests. This innovative technology enables us to track the productivity of staff and efficiency of operations so we can deliver outstanding service and results to you and your customers.

  • Tablet technology enables the receiving, routing, assignment and completion of requests
  • Shift to Android-based mobile devices for improved functionality and mobility
  • GPS ability provides real-time agent/crew locations for quick assignment response times
  • Auto assignment capabilities based on availability and location of agent
  • Push-to-talk capability and two-way communication between dispatch and agents
  • Barcode and QR scanning at airport gates and transfer points creates time/location stamp

Robust Reporting

Track, manage and report on important metrics with our reporting package. Delivered on a daily basis, this powerful data enables our management to analyze important trends for improved productivity and identify opportunities to reallocate resources. Our detailed reports could be customized to our customer’s needs.

  • Response times by day and by month
  • Completed requests by agent and by hour of the day
  • Cleans by agent
  • Average arrival times, especially those over 5 minutes

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