Cargo Services

G2’s full range of services can support your business with professionals who understand the importance of cargo services and on time delivery.  G2’s current cargo offerings include:

  • Cargo Agents
    • Our G2 Cargo Agents have a high impact on the flight experience for your airline customers. These agents are responsible for unloading and loading of luggage, freight and cargo on and off commercial aircrafts, ensuring your passengers receive prompt, friendly, courteous service, and luggage that arrives on time.
  • Cargo Sales Agents
    • Our Cargo sales agents prepare all flight documents; interfaced with U.S. Customs, prepare all import and export documentation, and accepts/distributes cargo in accordance with applicable air carrier and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.  They also work diligently to compile a list of possible customers and sales leads.  Along with estimating the date of delivery for the customer, they are able to quotes prices and terms.
  • Cargo Customer Service Agents
    • Our dedicated cargo customer service agents receive and answer inquiries from the public, other airlines, and agencies related to cargo procedure.  They receive, deliver and process all cargo and handle cash/documents in accordance with company regulations.
  • Warehouse Security Officers
    • Our certified and well trained officers secure the perimeter of your warehouse and report any suspicious activity.  They check and challenge ID badges of every employee entering the facility.
  • Small Package Delivery Service