Ground Handling

G2 Secure Staff provides highly training professionals who quickly and efficiently provide turn-around and overnight services.  We understand the importance of an on-time departure which is why we strive to meet a 100% on-time departure rating.  Our highly-skilled professionals take pride in their work and aim to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. 

  • Aircraft Ground Handling and Ramp Services
    • From the moment your plane touches ground, our trained professionals are ready and waiting to marshal and secure the aircraft at the gate for our ground handling crews to prepare the service equipment.  We also provide well trained deicing professionals who use environmentally friendly propylene glycol mixed to minus 30 degrees to assure an on-time departure during icy conditions.
  • Air Mail Transfer
    • G2 agents are trained to accept and sort U.S Mail to be transported to the proper aircraft through the agreement between the carrier and U.S Postal service.
  • Aircraft Cleaning
    • We understand the impact a clean aircraft has on your passengers, which is why the top airlines in the industry have chosen G2 to provide aircraft cleaning services at multiple hubs across the nation.  Our industry leading training program combined with our BRAND NEW cabin cleaning technology separates us from our competitors and allows us to provide our customer with up to the minute status reports.

      Our training is tailored to meet our partners’ cleaning and timeliness expectations.  We provide a detailed curriculum along with a visual and hands-on training for every one of our certified agents.  We build a team with a clear reporting structure to assure there is no miscommunication.

      G2’s cabin cleaning services ranges from Super Cleans, Remain Overnights (RON), Dayline Turns, and Quick Turns on all domestic or international flights either wide or narrow body.  Because flights can sometimes be unpredictable, we assure our operation can be scaled to meet your demand

  • AC Lavatory and Water Services
    • Safety, cleanliness, and on-time record are our 3 main objectives when it comes to servicing lavatories or supplying water services.  Our new dispatching and tablet technology assure our drivers are meeting the aircraft well before their scheduled departure.  The system has a “smart scheduler” that gives the dispatchers and managers a forecast of each driver’s tasks.