Passenger Assistance

Excellent customer service starts with our front line professionals.  These individuals know the importance of effective communication with your passengers.  As a result of this importance, G2 has implemented the G.O.T. customer service training program.  This training program, which is administered to every employee in the public eye, entails a variety of useful tools and information needed to provide a customer service that surpasses all expectations.

Wheelchair Technology: G2’s proprietary dispatching and tablet technology ensure your passengers are greeted and safely transported to their departure gate or pick up destination in a timely manner.  Your arriving passengers are met with a smile, a clean wheelchair and their name displayed on a tablet.   We track each employee performance and even allow the passenger to provide feedback through a digital survey.  We are proud to share our customer satisfaction percentage is 99.99%.

  • Passenger Check-in
    • For some passengers, traveling can be very stressful.  Our customer service representatives assist passengers with the kiosk and baggage check-in process to assure a smooth check-in before they’re guided toward the security checkpoint.
  • Skycap Services
    • Our skycaps always meet your passengers with a smile on their face while assisting them with their luggage.  If they aren’t occupied by another passenger, our skycaps will gladly assist in removing heavy luggage from the truck of a car.  With their luggage checked and printed boarding pass in hand, the passengers are shown the entrance to the security checkpoint.
  • Bag Runners
    • Located behind the check-in counter or skycaps are our professional looking bag runners.  They ensure every bag is correctly tagged and placed on the luggage belt that leads toward the passengers departing flight.  They also assist with luggage removal from the baggage carousel toward the secured airline bag rooms.
  • Wheelchair Agents / Electric Cart Drivers
    • Our highly trained wheelchair agents assure every passenger is greeted with a warm smile and personal introduction.  You can rest assured they will be safety transported to their departing gate or pick-up location.
  • Unaccompanied Minors
    • We understand that traveling alone for minors could sometimes be scary, so we make sure our agents put them at ease and escort them to their departing gate or pick-up location.  Their parents or guardians should feel at ease once they drop their child off at the airport and we will do everything in our power to make sure they do.
  • VIP Meet and Greet Services
    • Have a high priority client that need special attention?  Allow G2 to greet them curbside with a professional escort to get them quickly through the security checkpoint and into the airline lounges or directly to their departing gate.