Dan Norman

CEO and President

Dan has more than 33 years of experience in the Aviation Services industry. His career began in 1980 working front line Air Mail and Interline Baggage Transfer operations at DFW Airport. During his 14 years with Ogden Aviation at DFW Airport, Dan moved into various management support roles which included Account Manager over a large hub account, non-hub air carriers and culminated as General Manager. At Ogden, Dan gained invaluable experience supporting and leading the second largest station in their system while working closely with over 1200 employees who provided over 26 services to all DFW Airport Air Carriers.

Dan joined Globe Aviation Services in 1994 and to support company growth quickly moved into positions of increasing responsibility including Vice President Operations role in 1997. He was assigned President in 2002, respectively. In 2005, Dan was part of an Executive team that completed a seamless Management Buyout from Globe’s former parent company.

Since the MBO, as G2’s first President, Dan is most proud of our organization and close coordination with customers by reminding everyone, “it is a privilege and honor to be a part of a team providing as much stability as possible throughout tumultuous times. As each day opens for business, I rely upon my personal experiences to never forget the challenges of my front line & management colleagues and customer base to move millions of customer throughout the U.S and abroad.  It is also a pleasure monitoring a world-class corporate support organization that helps position our local service providers for success”.

In April 2012, Dan moved into a newly created CEO position as the company chooses to provide a platform for faster growth into a consolidating airline industry.  Dan comments, “the consolidated airline industry will ultimately be the foundation for successful companies like G2 to invest in the right areas that benefit our customers.  Additionally, there are signs the tide of cyclicality in airline profits and losses will merge into a more stable environment for air carrier stakeholders.  Therefore, it will be a top priority for G2 to be “opportunistic in the marketplace” in the short and medium term within recent airline consolidation.  And we have the team to do just that”.

Additionally, the final phase of his career will be primarily dedicated to assisting the development of our organization by making sure good people turn into great future leaders, continuing to find innovative ways to support our customers, employees and stakeholders.  This will require an intense focus for monitoring and measuring Key Performance Indicators critical to our customers and G2’s long term success.

Of equal importance, his personal commitment to ensure our leadership team and company remains committed to a culture of respect and dignity at the forefront of our daily business activities is paramount to our long term success.

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