Investing In Me Time

Today I want to talk about “Me Time”. You may be wondering what that means.

I learned from a mentor that time is valuable, and the clock never stops ticking! We must learn to take a few minutes for ourselves and do things that bring us joy and happiness – that might be engaging in our favorite sport, working out, walking in the park, watching TV, or simply spending time with family and loved ones. Whatever it is, we must make “Me Time” to do it. It helps recharge our batteries, relieve stress, improve health and our overall happiness!

Investing in our mind, body and soul requires saying “no” sometimes or making special arrangements for someone to take care of our children for a while. Having time for ourselves makes us feel, look, and sound better! It helps bring more energy and mental capacity to better handle situations involving family, friends, and work colleagues.

I challenge each of you to get some much needed “Me Time”. Please accept my challenge.

Remember, we have one body and one life on this earth, so “If we wear out our body – where are we going to live?”

Thank you for all you do every day!

Be safe!


Craig Lockett

Vice President – Human Resources