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G2 Secure Staff delivers excellence in employee performance, service quality, and results.

Based in Irving, Texas, G2 Secure Staff employs 11,000+ aviation professionals at 88+ U.S. airports, offering reliable aviation services, including ground handling, cabin cleaning, customer assistance, and security solutions, optimizing quality and efficiency for our clients.

Our Services

Cabin Service

Cabin Service

G2 Cabin Cleaning Teams ensure meticulous cleaning and safety of aircraft interiors, following specific requirements. Tasks include thorough cleaning, disinfection, vacuuming, dusting, lavatory and galley cleaning, provision of supplies, trash removal, seatbelt arrangement, tray table and window cleaning, upholstery maintenance, and rug replacement.

Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling

G2’s comprehensive cargo services guarantee timely and efficient delivery. Services include import and export cargo handling, freight/mail handling, cargo security screening, customs clearance, specialized cargo services, and dedicated cargo agents. Highly trained professionals ensure smooth operations, including freight handling, load planning, and adherence to security regulations.

Ground Handling

Ground Handling

G2 Secure Staff offers top-notch ground handling services with highly trained professionals focused on on-time departures and exceptional customer satisfaction. From aircraft ground handling and secure cleaning to lavatory and water services, they prioritize safety, cleanliness, and efficiency to provide a seamless experience for passengers and airlines alike.

GSE & Vehicle Maintenance

GSE & Vehicle Maintenance

G2 offers comprehensive GSE and vehicle maintenance services, including preventative maintenance, repair, and overhaul. With a network of certified mechanics and a streamlined ticketing system, G2 ensures efficient support and tracking of equipment performance.

Passenger Assistance

Passenger Assistance

G2 prioritizes excellent customer service through comprehensive training and innovative technology. Services include secure connection through tablet technology, passenger check-in assistance, skycap services, bag runners, unaccompanied minor support, and VIP meet and greet services. Real-time tracking, efficient resource planning, and safety audits ensure exceptional service delivery.

Security Services

Security Services

G2 prioritizes airport security services with thorough background checks and continuous training. Services include VIP pre-departure screening, aircraft security sweeps, catering security, parking lot surveillance, and cargo screening for compliance with TSA and government regulations.

Terminal Services

Terminal Services

G2 Terminal Services focuses on delivering excellent customer service, including baggage assistance, ticketing, bus shuttles, and VIP lounge staffing for a positive airport experience.

Exceeding expectations, delivering operational excellence

With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, G2 Secure Staff consistently exceeds customer expectations. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures top-notch service delivery, enabling our clients to maintain superior quality, optimize operational efficiencies, and achieve significant cost savings. Count on us to deliver excellence, empowering you to provide the best experience for your customers.

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