G2’s 2023 Focus: Safety, Growth, and Unity for a Productive Year

With 2023 upon us, G2 is prepared once again to provide our airline partners with the highest level of safety and quality customer service. All indications are 2023 will be the year that the airline industry returns to a normalized operation. The previous three years were filled with uncertainty and significant challenges directly resulting from the pandemic followed by the airline industry’s recovery efforts. Our airline partners have clearly communicated to G2 that the past two-year recovery period is over. The airlines are now focused on their 2023 and beyond growth plans, and G2 will continue to play a key role in those efforts.

G2’s 2023 business plans are centered around our most valuable asset, the people who make up our G2 workforce. At every level and at every one of our 90 airport locations, our people are working together as ‘One Team’. We will continue to grow our company in many areas of airport-related tasks in order to serve our airline partners. This continued growth – along with maintaining our existing contract work – will allow us to provide potential opportunities for those looking to advance their careers.

While 2023 is an exciting year for G2, we all must stay committed to Safety. There is nothing more important to our company than the safety and well-being of every member of our team. Be prepared with a mindset towards safety each and every day you enter your work area. During the past two years, the airlines and their business partners have hired more new employees than in the previous decade, especially in the ground / ramp operations. Therefore, there are significantly more inexperienced people in our workspace. Be aware of your surroundings, limit distractions and always work safely for your well-being and those working around you!

Let’s continue our current success by focusing as ‘One Team’ and enjoy a safe and productive 2023.


Mark DuPont
Chief Operating Officer