G2’s 2023 Journey: Acquisitions, Culture, and Continued Success

It is hard to believe we are already well into 2023. In fact, we’re nearing the end of the first quarter and the two companies G2 acquired last year are well-engrained into our great G2 culture and operation. We hope our new SAS and FSS team members are finding G2 to be a great place to work.

I’m pleased for the opportunity to participate in this newsletter. In previous issues, you heard from G2 President Julie Gostic, Chief Financial Officer Roger Zebroski, and Chief Operating Officer Mark DuPont regarding industry updates, G2 highlights and initiatives. One of our current focus items is developing summer plans to ensure we’re ready for the record number of passengers expected during the season. We are meeting with customers and sharing the initiatives each of you have prepared.

My role includes overseeing business development, and I would be remiss if I did not share my appreciation with each of you for providing great service every day. The results you produce make my job easier and have helped our company grow at unprecedented rates over the past few years. Both our reputation and brand remain strong, and these two key areas position us well for future business. G2 is again expecting a positive trend this year.

When thinking about the G2 brand, we need to remember the importance of continuing to develop our distinct identity and maintaining our excellent reputation within the service provider space and with our customers. Please accept my sincere thanks for your efforts and personal sacrifices that make G2 the best in our business.


         Tim Reddell                 SVP, Commercial &         Business Development