Preparing for a Successful Summer Season: Focus on Safety, Communication, and Growth at G2 Secure Staff

Congratulations, we successfully just wrapped up a very busy spring break season in a very safe and successful manner. The team worked under some very challenging circumstances yet delivered on our commitments to airline customers across the entire G2 network. The G2 leadership team could not be prouder of our collective accomplishments across all the different service lines we offer across the company. So, now we must continue our pre-summer preparations so we can deliver quality, safe and reliable service to our customers. It is very important to ensure every aspect of our summer plans are well executed to ensure success this upcoming super busy summer season.

Here are some summer readiness focus items

  • Safety & Training Compliance
  • Good Communication
  • Resource Planning
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Leadership and Administrative Support
  • Comprehensive Employee Hydration Programs
  • Uniform Compliance and G2 Brand Presentation

G2 is going through a very exciting time in our company with incredible growth and nationwide expansion. This summer season is expected to be yet another record-breaking season with more flights and customers than handled the last several years. I am confident if we work together, properly prepare, and execute to the best of our ability the future for our company will continue to be even brighter.

Stay safe and healthy, know we appreciate and value every employee at G2 Secure Staff.


    Fernie Lopez                  Vice President –   Airport Operations