Operating as a Business Partner Throughout the Organization

Throughout my career I have always tried to be a liaison between the employees and the various stakeholders of the business. Whether that is an internal employee, a vendor, an external bank, a governmental entity, the party does not matter the goal is always the same; make sure the information is delivered to the other party in a manner that is clear to everyone involved.

To be a better business partner means to provide the “customer” with top notch service and ensure they received what they expected. I put customer in quotes because in many cases I am not referring to the typical third-party airline or airport, but rather this could be our internal customer. From a strictly finance perspective in many cases our customer is primarily going to be internal or another G2 employee. For payroll it is the team members who are getting paid, for billing it is the station employees providing the information to get the bill correct to the external customer. All this communication is critical to help build relationships and trust and ultimately become partners. If the team members in our administrative functions are viewed as a partner, then we have succeeded in building trust. That trust leads to the rest of the organization believing that they can do their job without worrying that their pay will arrive, or their vendors bill will get paid.

I challenge everyone to identify who their internal customers are, give concerted effort on those relationship and when appropriate take time away from the normal business functions to recognize your customer.  This recognition and positive reinforcement is one of the aspects that I truly enjoy about G2 Secure Staff. This organization is customer service focused both internal and external!

                            Adam Faber                                              Vice President – Finance