See something, Say something, Do the Right Thing!

Happy Holidays, G2 Family.

As we approach the busy holiday travel season, please remember to be safe. Be kind to your co-workers and others in and around the airport. Everybody has a story, and the smile you give could make a person’s day.

Also, I would like to remind you to be aware of your surroundings. If you see a safe practice, model it! If you see an unsafe practice, Stop The Process and speak up!

I encourage communication and collaboration with all departments, agents, leads, supervisors, field, and corporate leadership. For example, the Safety Department, Risk Management, Training, Compliance & Performance all work together to provide necessary guidance and assistance to help operations to be safer while providing efficient and timely services to our customers. Likewise, Human Resources (“HR”) is vital to the management of people and our overall success. There are few problems unrelated to general operations that HR can’t offer assistance.

If you notice something that needs to be reported to a G2 Manager, TSA, Airport Authority or Airport Law Enforcement Officer, please do the right thing: report it! There will be a lot of traffic through the airports, someone may lose a wallet. If you find it, do the right thing: turn it in. You may find a laptop, tablet, or phone, do the right thing: turn it over to a manager/supervisor for lost and found or notify the airline!

G2 prides itself on integrity. Let’s remember to do the right thing even when no one is looking…but, in airports, someone is always looking.

See something, Say something, Do the Right Thing!

                  Tonya Holt                        General Counsel