Fernando (Fernie) Lopez

Regional Vice President, Operations

Fernando (Fernie) Lopez

Vice President, Operations

Joined G2 Secure Staff as VP Business Development in 2017.

In 2019, assumed additional operational responsibilities leading several Florida stations.

In 2021, served as Vice President – Regional Operations West division.

Fernando Lopez is the Vice President – Operations for G2 Secure Staff. Mr. Lopez is responsible for all airport operations in the Western United States. Fernando has 43 years of aviation experience in all facets of domestic and international hub and spoke airport operations, labor relations, and regional contract services.

Mr. Lopez has held various executive level positions at United Airlines and Continental Airlines, serving as VP Airport Operations of worldwide operations at both carriers. In addition, Mr. Lopez also lead company-wide Baggage Resolution Centers for both carriers. Prior to latest role with G2 Secure Staff, Mr. Lopez served as Vice President Business Development for G2 Secure Staff with focus in growing the business in the state of Florida.