G2 Secure Staff is extremely proud of every dedicated professional they hire and train. we are currently servicing more than 85 Top Traveled Airports in the U.S. Here at G2, we never let good work go unnoticed. We present Honors and Awards to all stand out performances from our employees.

Message From Our Leadership Team

What an exciting time to be part of the airline industry! After three years working through a pandemic and record high fuel prices, it seems 2023 is poised to be a return to normal for our business. G2 has been able to navigate the difficult period with the help of our fantastic team as well as our strong relationships with our business partner airlines. 2023 should be a great year for the company because of the way our team has performed focused on Safety, Integrity, Financial Discipline all while having some fun with our fellow teammates and customers. Please be sure to take some time to appreciate your team over the coming months. Nothing has been easy the past 3 years and we know there is always a new challenge coming in our business but, if we all work together, anything is possible!



      Roger Zebroski       Chief Financial Officer

Message From Our Leadership Team

G2 Secure Staff is thrilled to announce that we recently acquired S.A.S. Services Group, Inc. (S.A.S.) and Flight Services and Systems, LLC (FSS). This is an exciting period of growth for G2, and we are now 10,000 employees strong and well-positioned to serve our customers’ needs in any of the more than 85 airports in which we now operate. This accomplishment was made possible because of you, our dedicated team members who put their best foot forward every day to achieve the high standards that our customers have come to expect from G2 Secure Staff.

We wish you and all of your loved ones a very safe and happy holiday season!


       Julie Gostic          President

Another Successful Ramp Start-up

We’d like to send a big G2 congratulations to the new FCA team for a successful start-up handling the ramp operation for American Airlines’ new service to Glacier Park.  AA’s inaugural flight landed yesterday, 6/6 at FCA – and G2’s team was ready to spring into action!

As always, a final thank you to all the departments who have an integral part in our start-ups and establishing new G2 footprints!

Congratulations on a successful start up in FCA

From wheelchair users to service animals, Indy airport greets all!

Engbers is one of 160 airport employees for G2 Secure Staff, which contracts with airlines to provide wheelchair service in Indianapolis and at other airports to help them meet federal disability requirements.


Celebration in MSP

MSP held an employee celebration on July 12th to recognize the employees of the month and winning the G2 Coast to Coast challenge. Two employees were recognized for our employee of the month program. Dawitt Tinsae was recognized for the great service that he provides daily as a cart driver.  Reggie Neish was also recognized for his accomplishments in the dispatch area. MSP was the Coast to Coast challenge winner for May. Our complaints and compliments were better than several other stations. The employee celebration included ice cream sundaes and gift certificate drawings. Everyone enjoyed the fun day in MSP.



MSP Service Professional Awards

Click HERE to view Tammy’s Award

Click HERE to view Messay’s Award

Congratulations Teshome


Teshome Andeta, G2 skycap at MSP, was awarded the most prestigious award at the MSP Airport today (The Dorothy Award).  Each year the Airport Foundation chooses 3 employees who are nominated by their peers.  Two Delta agents nominated Teshome.  This award was named after a lady who spent countless hours serving the passengers of the MSP airport.  He will be honored at the next Airport Managers Council meeting.  At that time, he will also be presented with a check for $1,000.

He humbly accepted the award.  We had also rounded up about 20 of his coworkers to share in the celebration. Ironically enough, one of our Ops Managers, Malik Dago, received this same award back in 2007.

We are very proud of Teshome and glad he’s a valuable part of the G2 Team.  Again, Congratulations for an outstanding performance at MSP airport.

Nicest Man at MSP


The MSP Badging office each quarter recognizes different individuals across company lines for those that either have done something in particular or overall have made an impression.  In total, 7 individuals stood out in different categories.

Our own Daniel Admasu was selected and recognized as the “Nicest Man at MSP.”  He is a great support to our station here at MSP and G2 across the country in all that he does.  Please help in congratulating him.

G2 Prepares for the Super Bowl

"Super Service" pin displayed on employee

“Super Service” pin displayed on employee

In preparation for the Super Bowl, our team in Indianapolis (IND) has taken on additional training called the “Super Service” training program.  All 111 G2 employees located at IND airport have accomplished this training and preparation work for the security screening procedures they will be performing upon the two team’s arrival and departure at IND airport.  Upon completion of the training, the Super Bowl Committee awarded our employees with a pin and certificate.  Not only do our employees Charter Screen professional

football teams at this location, but they perform other duties such as Cabin Cleaning, Janitorial work, Customer Care Agents and Bag Running.  G2 is very eager and excited for this opportunity and looking forward to taking on the busy crowds that come with such a grand event.

Employees at IND standing in front of their "Super Service" Certificates

Employees at IND standing in front of their “Super Service” Certificates

Thank You Anne!

Don Cecil (Left) Anne Alvis (Right)

Don Cecil (Left) Anne Alvis (Right)

After 23 years with our Company,  we at G2 would like to say farewell to Anne Alvis.

Anne began her career with Globe (G2’s former name) in 1987 at the Tri-Cities Airport in Blountville, TN as a Security Screener.  Anne showed dedication and commitment to her job day in and day out.  Two years after starting with us, she took over as a General Manager.  In 1997 she became the General Manager in Greensboro/Charleston, SC. then made her way back to the Tri-Cities Airport only to finished her career at DSM Airport (Des Moines) which she started in 2006.

Throughout her career, Anne participated in company expansions to 15 different airports and was an outstanding trainer to our new and additional employees. Anne was called upon many times to travel to different locations for employee training and auditing as well as training many of our current General Managers.  Whenever additional assistance was needed during management changes, Anne was always there to help.  Anne was known by all to be very detail oriented and to always go above and beyond to assist any location throughout the country when needed.  Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us Anne!

Thank You Laura!

IMG_0027G2 takes great pride in maintaining an employee tenure different than the rest.  We have many employees that have been with the company many years and today we celebrate the retirement of Laura Langley, a G2 employee for over 10 years at TPA.  Thank you for everything Laura!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Today G2 and American Airlines Celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) at LAX and JFK airport.  Together we decorated a terminals and gates to show support to all women and families who have gone through a loved one having Breast Cancer.  Every year in October, major breast cancer charities come together to increase the awareness of the disease as well as raise funds to increase its research for causes, diagnosis, prevention and cures.  G2 is proud to be a part of such a great cause and we appreciate all employees (G2 and AA) involved with suporting this cause.


Vail Daily letter: Greatest airport folks

by Michelle Marie Hershey
Vail, CO, Colorado

First of all, I love Vail-Eagle, who dosen’t?! So very beautiful and as I found out, so are many of the citizens. I’d enjoyed an extended stay before and hope to visit friends again soon.

My point is this time I flew in due to an emergency. My friends’ cabin in the sky blew sky high, then burned. Devastating. I had made my return to Houston for about three weeks not knowing what to expect. As it turned out, we couldn’t stay on the land to help with the cleanup due to the ongoing investigation so I found myself at the Vail-Eagle airport.

I had too many bags and asked the skycap with American Airlines for some help. His name is Pat Monahan (G2 Secure Staff) and he certainly went above and beyond the call of duty. My cell was out of juice, so he loaned me his to change my reservation. Then he brought me lunch while I waited. My flight was not until the next morning, so he also brought me a delicious dinner compliments of Mrs. Monahan and even offered their guest room, although I couldn’t impose.

Not only were Pat and Mrs. Monahan exceptionally nice, but everyone I encountered working in the airport was pleasant and helpful. From day and night security to Melvin (I’m pretty sure that’s his name) with a rental car agency who charged my cell. I thank them all, especially Pat Monahan. Outstanding service and care for not only myself, but I observed help and kindness to any other fliers that needed it.

I know this is a bit long but I hope you print it since the Vail-Eagle airport is the best airport ever.

At 57 years of age, I’ve been flying since I was 9 years old and have been in every airport on this continent and then some. It is the best and I sincerely thank everyone there, especially Pat Monahan on August the 7th and 8th of 2010.

Kudos to all.

Michelle Marie Hershey

Copyright 2010 Vail Daily. All rights reserved.

Alejandra Gamboa attends ceremony awarding first Chairman’s Cup to JFK

chairmanscupaward-jfk_001Alejandra Gamboa (left), G2’s Manager of Baggage Claim Agent Customer Service and Skycap Service attends AA Chairman’s Cup award ceremony on April 6, 2010, where JFK was the recipient of the first ever AA Chairman’s Cup, the annual “Super Bowl” of Customer Experience. Gerard Arpey presented the Chairman’s Cup to JFK for having the largest Customer Experience improvements in 2009 vs. 2008 as compared to the other Customer Cup contenders – in addition to making vast improvements in Bag Tracer and Direct D-O.

3 MSP airport workers win lofty praise, $1,000 as top employees

MAUREEN MCCARTHY; STAFF WRITER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)


For getting travelers in and out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with speed, style and caffeine, three airport workers were honored Monday as 2010 MSP Employees of the Year.


  • Michelle Crow, customer service with Delta Air Lines
  • Gwen Gil, Caribou Coffee
  • Mike Jones, lead wheelchair assistant

Mike Jones receiving his award!

Mike Jones started at a Bag Runner June, 2007. In August, 2007 Mike transferred to a Document Verifier position. Since July, 2008 Mike has worked as a Wheelchair Assistant and a Concourse Lead. He takes excellent care of the traveling customer as well as our Delta customer. Mike works well with his co-workers and managers. We are proud to have him on our MSP team.
– Angel Benes – G2 Secure Staff General Manager at
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

A trophy, a certificate and a check for $1,000.

The award by Airport Foundation MSP recognizes three workers who best exhibit a commitment to “customers, community building and leadership.”

Winners are nominated by their peers and selected by a committee that includes staff from the foundation, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, Transportation Security Administration, airport tenants and the previous year’s winners.

The award is nicknamed “The Dorothy” after Dorothy Schaeffer (1914-2006), a MAC employee who held many titles in 47 years at the airport. Schaeffer’s last position was Assistant Airport Director, earning her a place in history as one of the first women in an airport leadership role.

Airport Foundation MSP operates the Travelers Assistance program, through which more than 300 volunteers dedicate their time providing information and guidance to travelers at MSP. The foundation also administers MSP’s Arts and Culture program as well as airport beautification projects.

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