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G2 Secure Staff is extremely proud of every dedicated professional they hire and train. We're currently servicing 54 Top Traveled Airports in the U.S. Here at G2, we never let good work go unnoticed. We present Honors and Awards to all stand out performances from our employees.

Celebration in MSP

MSP held an employee celebration on July 12th to recognize the employees of the month and winning the G2 Coast to Coast challenge. Two employees were recognized for our employee of the month program. Dawitt Tinsae was recognized for the…

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Congratulations Teshome

Teshome Andeta, G2 skycap at MSP, was awarded the most prestigious award at the MSP Airport today (The Dorothy Award).  Each year the Airport Foundation chooses 3 employees who are nominated by their peers.  Two Delta agents nominated Teshome.  This…

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Nicest Man at MSP

The MSP Badging office each quarter recognizes different individuals across company lines for those that either have done something in particular or overall have made an impression.  In total, 7 individuals stood out in different categories. Our own Daniel Admasu was selected and recognized…

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Thank You Anne!

After 23 years with our Company,  we at G2 would like to say farewell to Anne Alvis. Anne began her career with Globe (G2’s former name) in 1987 at the Tri-Cities Airport in Blountville, TN as a Security Screener.  Anne showed…

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Thank You Laura!

G2 takes great pride in maintaining an employee tenure different than the rest.  We have many employees that have been with the company many years and today we celebrate the retirement of Laura Langley, a G2 employee for over 10…

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